Vina Medical Centre

Office Policy

Medication Refills:

Every day our office receives hundreds of faxes from pharmacies, hospitals, lawyers, insurance companies. We will review each one but it will take time. You are responsible to ensure that you have enough medication until your next appointment. In general, we WILL NOT REFILL by fax narcotics (certain sleeping pills, morphine-based medications), antibiotics or medications that are meant to be used for short term.  Long-term medications may be refilled unless a followup visit, checkup, blood test monitoring is required. We are charged by the EMR for faxes and it takes doctor's time to review them. OHIP DOES NOT COVER med refills.   NOTE: OTHER CLINICS CHARGE $10-15 PER FAX REFILLS!

REQUEST FOR "NO SUB". Requests for "no sub" that require us to print out the prescription, hand write the "no sub", rescan it into our emr and then refax will incur a $15 fee.

Chart copies fees:

1. entire chart copy is $40 including CD regardless of how many pages. Mailing costs are extra depending on location.

2. copies of normal tests results. 0-10pages $5. More than 10pages same as entire chart copy.


A form will be filled to have the Quebec government reimburse you.

Fees: Regular visit Mon-Fri $35. Sat $45.     Checkup  $70
*this is of try to equalize the difference in fees between Quebec RAMQ and OHIP payments.


Patients who cannot come to their appointments are required to cancel  24hrs before their appointment. A $25 no show fee will be charged if cancellations are not made.  If booking for checkup and patient does not show up, a $35 no show fee will be charged.  New patients who do not show up to their appointments, a $35 charge will be applied.  Repeat offenders will be charge full OHIP fees and we reserve the right to close your file to make room for other people on the wait list.

Written reports

All requests for written reports require prepayment before the report will be written. The amount will be discussed with the patient after the doctor review what is required in the report. We are required to do this because there have been too many instances where reports are written and no payment was received from the requesting party.

Request to speak to a doctor by phone

Unfortunately, we are unable to speak to patients who call us. This is to allow patients who come to the office to be seen in a timely manner. Patients can leave messages via the secretaries and the doctor will respond later.