We are a full service medical centre offering family medical care in the Ottawa region. We are not a typical "big box" medical clinic and we strive to provide personal care that does not resemble an assembly line.

OUR staff are fully vaccinated against COVID but we will still provide care to patients who are not vaccinated.

Vina Medical Centre



Important Info

Rude, threatening or intimidating behaviour from patients to any staff are not tolerated and will result in file closure.

Mask mandate is now lifted in Ontario but Ottawa Public Health has informed us that for medical clinics, patients are still required to wear masks.

Telephone consults rules: We will call you around the time of your appointment. If not available, we will make another 3 attempts. After that, if still no answer, we will mark you as a NO SHOW and a fee will be charged like any other visit. We will also not allow for further telephone consultations.  Please note there are clear limitations on doing telephone consult as we cannot examine you.

We do not respond to emails unless approved first.

We have been notified by Biotest lab that they do not plan on reopening the laboratory for blood testing at this time.

Lab results, emergency visit reports, some imaging and specialist reports are sent by electronic documents. These are reviewed and monitored 7 days a week. We will call you if there are anything urgent. Medication refills are sent by faxes and needs to be reviewed and filed by staff. Medication refills are nonurgent and will not be responded to immediately.