Important Info

We are a full service medical centre offering family medical care in the Ottawa region. We are not a typical "big box" medical clinic and we strive to provide personal care that does not resemble an assembly line.

If you are returning from outside of Canada, the government requires self isolation for two weeks.

Only people with appointments or parents of children with appointments should come to the clinic.

Telephone consults rules: We will call you around the time of your appointment. If not available, we will make another 3 attempts. After that, if still no answer, we will mark you as a NO SHOW and a fee will be charged like any other visit. We will also not allow for further telephone consultations.

Vina Medical Centre

COVID-19. How do we keep patient and staff safe?  Unlike walkin clinics where anybody can come and go, we only see our own patients who we know well and screen in advance of booking. We only see patients with appointments and are aware before hand reason for visit.  We follow Ministry of Health screening protocols and have very high standards for sanitation. Our office has HEPA air filtration which although not perfect is the best available. Staff have access to gloves and N95 masks. Lastly we will be installing Plexiglass panels for the reception area.